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Played By: Kevin Durand
Race: Goa'uld

A Goa'uld formally under the service of Apophis, Zipacna joined forces with Anubis when his former master was killed. Whilst serving Apophis, Zipacna was called to Tollana where Klorel, the son of Apophis had crashed landed, with his host, Skaara requested to the Tollana that they remove the Goa'uld from his body.

Zipacna represented Klorel, and made a case as to why the Goa'uld should be allowed to use the body, however fearing he would lose, he ordered a Goa'uld Mothership to come to the planet. When SG1 realised, they told the Tollan, however Zipacna, lied telling them they are coming in preparation for when they win. When they did not win, Zipacna had the ship fire onto the planet, taking out its defences, however SG1 managed to once again to thwart Zipacna's plans, destroying the mothership.

Managing to escape, and with Apophis's empire coming to an end, Zipacna sought after another Goa'uld who was quickly rising in power, Anubis. Serving Anubis, Zipacna, followed his lords wishes to try and enlist Osiris to serve under Anubis, and represent him at the System Lords summit. In the mean time, Zipacna led a contingent to Revanna, the homeworld of a Tok'ra, where they hoped to crush the Jaffa rebellion. The attack was successful, scattering most of the Tok'ra, however they could not find the Goa'uld killing drug created by the Tok'ra as the last means.

[edit] Key Episodes

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