Played By: Blake Stadel, John Innes
Race: Zaddik's Race
Planets: Zaddiks Homeworld

Losing his wife and child, when he was just 24, Zaddik was left lonely. When a Wraith ship crashed on his planet, Zaddik along with many of the villages, went to the site of the crash, and seeing the Wraith, they fearfully started to kill them. However, when Zaddik turned one of the Wraith to kill it, he saw that it was a child Wraith, unable to kill it, he took the Wraith with him, trying to raise it as his own.

Whilst she was still a child, Zaddik gave Ellia normal food, however he feared, that like the other Wraith, Ellia would eventually require humans to quell her nourishment. Zaddik, being good in alchemy, tried hard to try and find a way to quell the hunger of Ellia by creating an "antidote" . He experimented for 10 years, trying to come up with the antidote, however, as Ellia grew, she required human nourishment.

Not wanting her to harm anyone else, Zaddik forced Ellia to feed on him, taking a few years every time. Eventually he created what he believed to be the perfect antidote, which could cure the Wraith's thirst to feed, however unknown to Zaddik, the antidote, had not worked, and whilst the other Wraith fed, so did Ellia.

When Sheppards team came to the planet, they cornered Zaddik, who told them about Ellia and the drug. Zaddik was overjoyed when he heard from Beckett that they had a drug which would suppress the Wraith side of the child, however Ellia over-heard and took the drug, unfortunately having the opposite effect on it.

Ellia, whose now fully a Wraith, with no humanoid parts, escaped into the woods, Zaddik followed her. When he found her, she didn't recognise him, and flung him through the air. The wounds he suffered were to severe, and although Beckett tried to reduce the pain, he was unable to save Zaddik.

[edit] Key Episodes

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