Played By: Sarah Douglas
Race: Tok'ra
Planets: Tok'ra Base 1 (P34-353J)

Yosuuf is the host of the Tok'ra Garshaw of Belote; one of the members of the Tok'ra High Council and the most hunted Tok'ra of all time. SG1 were brought forward to her when they came in search for the Tok'ra. She hates being called a Goa'uld and is very protective of the fellow Tok'ra.

When the Goa'uld attacked the Tok'ra base, Garshaw called for an evacuation, and with the help of Jack O'Neill, she managed to find the Goa'uld spy within the midst. This made her indebted to Jack for saving the Tok'ra not once, but twice. Before returning to the new Tok'ra base, Garshaw came to Earth where she was amazed at the advancement of the Tau'ri.

[edit] Key Episodes

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