Wraith Hive Ship

Wraith Hive Ship
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Ship Information
Race(s): Wraith

The Wraith Hive ships are home to hundreds of Wraith, who usually sleep in hibernation, due to the food shortage in the galaxy. The remaining Wraith are the caretakers, and if even one of them is killed, all the Wraith in the galaxy are awoken.

The large ships are capable of interstellar travel and of landing on the surface of a planet.

Most of the hive ship first encountered by the Atlantis team was concealed beneath the surface of their home world -- so much so that they did not realize it was a ship at all. It sat undisturbed on the surface for so long that tall trees grew on its dorsal surface. Only the Keeper and a small number of Wraith warriors were on guard to defend the sleeping race; when the Keeper was killed, the sleeping creatures began to awaken.

Each Wraith hive ship has an unknown number of hibernation pods, used to store humans for a later cunsumption by the Wraith.

There are a minimum of 60 Wraith known ships in the Quadrant, although many have been destroyed by the Atlantis team, although there could be many more.

The Wraith ships have bays for the Wraith Darts which enter Auto-Pilot as soon as they come in the versinity of the Wraith Hive ship. The Darts then deposit the contents of the ships, and once they have landed, they are checked by the on-board Wraith.

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