Wraith Hive Queen (I)

Wraith Hive Queen (I)
Played By: Andee Frizzell
Race: Wraith

Queen of one of the Wraith hives, when a mission on board the Wraith Wraith Hive Ship went wrong, Sheppard's team along with Aiden Ford were captured. Wanting to know where they came from Sheppard is brought before the queen however his strength keeps her from learning anything. Hoping that the humans nature would be their downfall, the queen uses a Wraith follower as a trap.

Unfortunately, Sheppard realised what she had done, and did not give the Wraith follower any details on Earth. Instead Sheppard used his knowledge of the Wraith to cause the queen to start a fight against another Wraith ship which eventually led to the destruction of both Wraith Hive Ships.

[edit] Key Episodes

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