Vernon Sharpe

Vernon Sharpe
Vernon sharpe.jpg
Played By: Jody Racicot
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Citizen of Colorado Springs, Vernon Sharpe previously served in the Motor Pool during the Persian Gulf. As a child his mother left him and his father, and he was subsequently left with his grandmother by his father. A mechanic, Vernon now manages a gas station 30Km north of Cheyenne Mountain.

When Jack visited his pumps, Vernon came into contact with Jack and soon started to see creatures in another dimension. Becoming increasingly paranoid, he started to run, not accepting the government reason for the visibility of the aliens. Trying to escape to Las Vegas he was stopped at the Airport, however he continued to run from the authorities.

The military finally closing him in, Jack went in to try and talk to him. Jack was able to convince Vernon that the aliens were real and that he needed Vernon to keep it quiet, and in the process Jack managed to "cure" the ability to see the trans-dimensional creatures.

[edit] Key Episodes

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