Played By: David Lovgren
Race: Jaffa

Formally a Jaffa under the service of Apophis and friend to Teal'c. Va'lar was sent on to a battle by Apophis against Ra, however when he saw no way to win he braught his men home. Apophis believing that he should have died for his god, ordered Teal'c to execute him on the battle ground.

Taking him to the battle ground, Va'lar was ready to die, however Teal'c whose belief in Apophis had started to sway, Teal'c let Va'lar live, telling him to go to a village on planet where Apophis would not find him. Taking back with him the symbiote of another Jaffa, Apophis was made to believe Va'lar had been killed.

Living a few years in the village, Va'lar was eventually killed when Teal'c was forced to destroy the village in which he resided under orders from Apophis, who knew that if he didn't, Apophis would find out that he had not killed Va'lar.

[edit] Key Episodes

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