Played By: Don Thompson
Race: Jaffa
Planets: Dakara

A Jaffa who formally serverd under the Goa'uld Cronus, when the Jaffa were made free U'kin became a member of the council and believed along with Teal'c and Bratac that there should be democracy in the newly free Jaffa nation, however on the day of the vote, he disappeared, reappearing only to have changed his vote.

During his disappearance, U'kin was abducted by the Goa'uld Baal, and brainwashed into serving Baal. When Teal'c was taken by Baal, Bratac went to U'kin to ask him if he knew, U'kin denied any knowledge, however Bratac managed to see through him, and forced U'kin to tell him what he knew.

The free Jaffa helped U'kin overcome the brainwashing, and return to the right state of mind.

[edit] Key Episodes

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