Played By: Gerard Plunkett
Race: Land of Light's Race
Planets: Land of Light

High Counselor on the Land of Light, when SG1 came to the planet Tuplo was going through a burden, having lost his daughter to the touched. With the arrival of SG1, Tuplo believed them to be gods, however soon realised they were human when most of the team became touched. Fortunately the SGC worked on a cure for the "touched" distributing it among the inhabitants, recovering his daughter as well as others that had been afflicted with the disease.

Having regained his daughter, he felt he owed the Tau'ri much, and when he had the opportunity to repay them he agreed quickly and came to the SGC offering the stranded Tollans a place on their planet, however they were quick to refuse realising that Tuplo and his people weren't advanced enough.

He got the chance once again when the SGC asked that he give Drey'auc and Ry'ac a home in the Land of Light.

[edit] Key Episodes

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