Played By: Christopher Judge
Race: Jaffa

The alias given to Teal'c by the administrator on P3R-118 when his memories were superimposed. However with the help of his symbiote, his memories began to slowly return forcing the administrator to re-stamp his memories.

Having forgotten about his symbiote and his need to Kelnorim Tor quickly fell ill and was sent to the infirmary. Whilst there, Tor removed his bandages revealing his symbiote patch, and regaining his memories. He quickly went into a deep state of Kelnorim. Believing he was greatly ill, Brenna brought his team mates to him in the hope that they could save him, unfortunately she was stopped by administrator Calder.

Once completing his Kelnorim, Tor managed to break stop Calder as well as reveal the truth about the planet to the workers.

[edit] Key Episodes

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