Played By: Jennifer Halley
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A Russian Lieutenant assigned to Colonel Zukhov's team for a rescue mission to P2X-338. Accompanied by SG1, her team went to try and locate a Russian team that had been trapped on the planet, however her team had secret orders to retrieve the Eye of Tiamot.

Once inside the Ziggurat, Tolinev was bitten by a creature, which had been unleashed by the previous Russian team, rendering her unconscious with her organs shutting down. She was saved by SG1 who managed to use the rings to escape the Ziggurat, taking Tolinev with her.

Taken to the infirmary, she was saved, however had to bear the brunt of the Russians, being the only one from the Russian to survive the mission.

[edit] Key Episodes

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