Tok'ra Base 1

Tok'ra Base 1 (P34-353J)
Tokra base 1.jpg
Planet Information
Leo m.jpgScorpio.jpgAuriga.jpgCapricorn.jpgLynx.jpgVirgo.jpg
Planet Address
Galaxy: Milky Way

[edit] History

This was the first Tok'ra base known to the Tau'ri, and it is also where Sam using the memories of Jolinar, took SG-1 to find the Tok'ra. The planet has since then been abandoned by the Tok'ra as the Goa'uld had located their base due to a spy. The Tok'ra tunnels which were created when they arrived, were also destroyed before they left, as to leave no trace of themselves for the Goa'uld to find.

[edit] Key Episodes

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