Played By: Morris Chapdelaine
Race: Unknown Race

Tenat of Oran, a trader for the Lucian Alliance and former associate of Vala Mal Doran. Tenat made a scheduled trade with Vala, she would give him a Goa'uld Alkesh and in return she would get weapons grade naquadah, however the Alkesh was badly damaged, and Vala tried to take over the Prometheus, Tenat was met by Daniel Jackson.

However, Daniel far from wanting to trade the Prometheus, Daniel stalled them, and when it came time to make the trade Goa'uld death gliders came bearing down on their position firing on them. Whilst Tenat and Daniel retreated, Tenat lost the case of Naquadah as well as the ship. Believing he had been betrayed, he got the alliance to put a price tag on Daniel and Vala, with orders to shoot them if encountered.

When SG1 and Vala required a cargo ship in the possession of Tenat, Mitchell and Teal'c went undercover, posing as mercenaries who had managed to capture both Daniel and Vala. They offered Tenat the prisoners and in return they wanted weapons grade naquadah, however not wanting to lose yet another case of naquadah Tenat tried to double-cross them, unfortunately for them, Daniel and Vala managed to overturn their plan, and Tenat ended up losing both the ship and the prisoners.

[edit] Key Episodes

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