Played By: Chad Morgan
Race: Cloister Planet Inhabitants
Planets: Cloister Planet

An unascended Ancient, Teer along with her people came to the Cloister planet to Ascend, however a few of them were left behind unable to reach the state of mind required to Ascend. Teer like others on the path to Ascension had some of the powers of the Ancients. In particular, Teer was able to see into the future, similar to what Jonas Quinn could do.

Teer foresaw the arrival of Sheppard, who would someday lead her people to reach Ascension, however when he arrived she fell for him, however to reach ascension she had to give him up. With the help of Sheppard, she and the others fought back against their greatest fear, and triumphed, shedding their celestial bodies and ascending.

However before leaving, she allowed Sheppard and his team to leave the cloister without harming the field.

[edit] Key Episodes

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