Played By: Brendan Beiser
Race: Lord Protector's Race

Son of the Lord Protector, Tavius was the next in line to become the Lord Protector, having the highest chance of using the Ancient chair which protects the inhabitants. However with the arrival of John Sheppard, his reign was threatened. Tavius wanting to become Lord Protector conspired with the chamberlain, Otho to end the protectors reign early. After the death of the Lord Protector, Tavius rather than being made the new protector was arrested for killing the Lord Protector.

Otho used a vial of Gene therapy given to him by Sheppard and became the next lord protector, however Rodney McKay managed to stop him by draining all the energy from the only ZPM powering the city, stoping the reign of any and all Lord Protector's.

[edit] Key Episodes

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