Race Information
Planet(s): Alpha Site - New (P4X-650)
Alpha Site - Old 1 (P3X-984)
Alpha Site - Old 2 (P4X-650)
Rogue NID Base
Ship(s): Daedalus
Deep Space Carrier

Tau'ri stands for people of Earth. It is the name given to the SG1 and the other people from Earth, by the Jaffa and Goa'uld. Thousands of years ago, the Goa'uld came to Earth and saw that humans made great hosts due to their regenerative abilities when in a sarcophagus. They took them as hosts and enslaved the rest. However, an uprising caused the Goa'uld to leave the planet, however, they took with them many human slaves. The Stargate was buried and all knowledge about the stargate erased. However, in 1945, during a dig in Giza, they uncovered the Stargate. It took them many years to get the gate opperational, and when they did, they found that on the other side was an evil enemy Ra. Although they managed to kill Ra, they wanted the other Stargate destroyed. However, two years late, the Stargate on Earth was activated and a Goa'uld came and took a possible host, and killed the other airmen. This caused the Stargate Command to form, whose mission and mandate was to find new technology to defend the planet against the Goa'uld. Although being far inferior technologically to the Goa'uld the SGC managed to defeat the Goa'uld one by one, whilst making many allies whom they helped, and recieved help from. Many attacks were made on Earth since the day SGC was created, but each were thwarted by SG1, the flagship team of the SGC. Eventually, SG1 were able to end the Jaffa enslavement by the Goa'uld, thus ending the Goa'uld's reign on the Galaxy. However, in hopes of uncovering more information about the Ancients, the first evolution of humans, they used a device to contact the living Alterans. However, they soon discovered what they had done had a high price, and a new enemy showed its face, the Ori.

[edit] Key Episodes

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