Played By: Daryl Shuttleworth
Race: Pangarans
Planets: Pangar

Head of security of the Pangaran people, Tagar kept an eye on the new comers to Pangar, SG1. Tagar tried to keep the secret of their drug Tretonin from the Tau'ri. Tagar insisted that SG1 give them the location of Goa'uld occupied worlds in return for the Tretonin in the hope to go and capture more Goa'uld Queens.

SG1 eventually found the Tretonin production facility and revealed that the queen they are using is Eugeria, the Tok'ra queen. However Tagar was not prepared to let their only source of Tretonin go, but with the help of the Tok'ra, SG1 gave the planet a cure to their dependency on Tretonin.

[edit] Key Episodes

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