Steven Rayner

Steven Rayner
Steven rayner.jpg
Played By: Ben Bass
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

An archaeologist and student of Dr. David Jordan and former colleague of Sarah Gardner and Daniel Jackson. After Jackson disappeared with no word, Rayner took his place, as the 'prodigal son' of Dr. Jordan.

When some Egyptian artefacts were discovered from the ill-fated Stuart Expedition in the early part of the twentieth century, Dr. Jordan and Rayner were given the opportunity to investigate the items before they were shipped back. One of the items happened to be a canopic jar, containing the Goa'uld symbiote Osiris, however Rayner believed it to contain the three thousand year old remains of a mummified heart. Unknown to Rayner and Jordan, Sarah Gardner opened the canopic jar and was taken host by Osiris. She then destroyed Jordan and all evidence of her escape in a lab explosion.

During Dr. Jordan's funeral, Daniel Jackson returned, making Rayner uneasy and jealous believing that he had come to claim his place as Jordan's prodigal son. Rayner continued his efforts unlock the mysteries of the Egyptian artefacts. Learning of a secret chamber inside a tomb in Egypt, he travelled there finding a Goa'uld hand-device. However before he could do anything with it, he was knocked unconscious by Sarah Gardner. Soon after Daniel Jackson accompanied by Samantha Carter and Janet Fraiser arrived on the scene managing to save Rayner and give him a good cover-up for the what had transpired.

[edit] Key Episodes

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