Stargate (Movie)

Stargate (Movie)
First Movie
Series: Stargate (SG-1)
Original Air Date: October 28, 1994
Written By Roland Emmerich
Dean Devlin
Directed By: Roland Emmerich
Preceded by: -
Followed by: Children of the Gods


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

As a Archaeologist and Linguist, Dr Daniel Jackson has theorised that it was not the Ancient Egyptians who built the Pyramids but the original creators who had lived long before them. When he tries to tell the worlds top archaeologists about his theories and beliefs they are far from impressed and by doing so he has destroyed his career for good. He is evicted from his home, he has no more grants and has no where to go. When he thinks all is lost, he is approached by Catherine Langford to do some top secret translation work in an abandoned nuclear silo, as he has nothing else to do and no money he accepts. The work is at a US Military Installation, Creek Mountain, Colorado. In 14 days he solves the puzzle that a team of scientists have been working on for two years.

A circle made of a material not of Earth, had discovered in Giza in 1928 by Catherine's father. The cover stone that was over it calls it a Stargate and talks of a gateway between worlds. The cover stone contained on it 2 lines of hieroglyphics. The outer track contained symbols not known to anyone. Daniel Jackson recognises that these aren't actually symbols but star constellations and realises that they are coordinates and 7 of them are needed to form a map, 6 to determine the destination 1 as the point of origin. The scientists had found 6 but Daniel Jackson finds the 7th point of origin.

When it was entered in on the computer it opened a stable wormhole to another planet (Abydos) in the Kalien Galaxy, on the other side of the known universe!

A team is assembled to go through the gate; Daniel goes with them as he's the only one who can determine the co-ordinates needed on the other side to get them back as wormhole travel is only one way. The leader is Colonel Jack O'Neill of the US Air force. His remit is simple, but secret, to determine if the gate is a threat to Earth and if it is to stay there and close it, permanently with a bomb. He's prepared to take on the suicide mission as his son has recently killed in an accident, with Jacks gun, and Jack feels he has nothing to live for.

When they reach the other side there is no cover stone for Daniel to fix the point of origin from, and so he can't get them home. They start searching the planet and find a town where the people think they are from the Sun God Ra. They also find out that reading and writing is forbidden and this is the reason to why there are no writings of the gate address back home. Even with Daniel's linguistic skills, he is unable to communicate with the people, as they appear to speak a language unknown to him.

Daniel is given the headman's daughter, Sha'uri, as a gift, and while he first says no, he soon falls in love with her and accepts her. Sha'uri takes Daniel to see the only piece of writing that is on the planet, the Abydos cartouche. Here he learns that the language they speak is ancient Egyptian, with a different pronunciation of words, and so he is able to start to communicate with them. In here he also finds hieroglyphs similar to those found in Egypt telling him the story of Ra the Sun God, who used humans for slaves. The slaves on Earth revolted and Ra escaped, with some humans through the Stargate to another planet where they were mining a material he needed for his technology. The gate on Earth was buried. The people of Abydos are humans! Jack also gets befriended by some of the children of Abydos, one in particular, Skaara really idolises Jack.

Also found in the Abydos Cartouche is the home address that they are looking for with one difference, the 7th symbol is missing.

Unfortunately, Ra is more than a myth, he is in fact a human whose body is being controlled and used by a parasitic alien life form. Worst of all is that he has returned to Abydos to collect the mineral which the people of Abydos are mining for it, although he is unhappy to find the team there. He has also found the bomb which Jack has brought with him, and decides to use it to destroy Earth by sending it back through the Stargate along with the mineral which would increase the power of the bomb hundredfold.

They get involved in a fight for not only their survival but the survival of the people of Abydos, and Earth!

[edit] Bloopers

  1. Lt. Colonel Kawalsky is continually addressed as "Lieutenant." The correct military address would be to refer to him as "Colonel."</font>
  2. When Daniel first enters the city, the pendant he is wearing jumps in, out and back in his shirt.
  3. You can see the crew reflected in the soldiers' sunglasses in several desert shots.
  4. The bomb's countdown sequence varies in speed several times.
  5. When Daniel asks "How much time do we have?" as O'Neil tries to defuse the bomb, his lips don't move.
  6. Given how fast Ra's ship moves as it lifts off, and the time indicated on the bomb timer, there's no way it could possibly reach orbit as we see when the bomb goes off.
  7. Ra has fillings! You can see it when he screams when the rings come down on the last warrior.
  8. After Daniel is pulled by the creature you can see two people in front of him in the reflection in jacks sunglasses
  9. The shockwave from Ra's ship was 2 dimensional, it should have be spherical.
  10. In the series, when O'Neill's dead son is referred to, his name is "Charlie". However, in the movie, when O'Neill is sitting with the gun in his hand, before they notify him he's been reactivated, the pan around the room crosses over an award plaque made out to "Tyler"
  11. When Daniel says the Stargate's cover stone couldn't possibly be 10,000 years old, a woman tells him "the sonic and radiocarbon tests are conclusive." The problem is, carbon dating can only be done on something that was once living, so it wouldn't work on the cover stone.
  12. Earth dials using a computer to reach Abydos. There is no mention of how they are going dial back home since in the movie a DHD was for some reason never conceived of being there. In the series they can do it manually but not said that that is how they did it in the movie. In the pilot of the series it shows a DHD Daniel found later presumably in a side chamber never found in the movie. Possibly to prevent Abydosians from knowing how to dial the gate for force him offworld again.
  13. As the ships are approaching the city, ready to attack, you can see wires hanging from them.
  14. There are 39 symbols on the stargate, they say they only got up the the first 6 symbols, with 39 symbols they couldn't have tried repeats they would only need to do a maximum 33 tries to reach abydos

[edit] Quotes

O'Neill: Send my regards to King Tut, asshole!

[edit] DVD Background Information

[edit] Stargate Movie DVD Details

There are three different DVD's that you can buy of the movie, and each version is different in some ways. Below you can see the details of the dvd and compare them.

European DVD (Directors Cut)
Video: 2.35:1
Anamorphic: Yes
Audio: DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Runtime: 119
Rating: 15
Production Year: 1994
Released by: Artisan

North American DVD (Ultimate Edition)</font>
Video: Widescreen 1.85:1 Color
Anamorphic: No
Audio: english in dts es 6.1, english in dd-ex 5.1
Subtitles: Spanish
Runtime: 119 mins
Rating: PG-13
Release date: February 18, 2003
Production Year: 1994
Released by: Artisan

North American DVD (Special Edition)</font>
Video: Widescreen 1.85:1 Color
Anamorphic: No
Audio: dolby digital 5.1
Runtime: 128 mins
Rating: PG-13
Production Year: 1994
Released by: Artisan

[edit] DVD Features

Stargate Movie DVD Features

All three of the DVD versions available, have some difference in the features it offers. Some offers more features such as the Ultimate edition, where as some offers less such as the Directors Cut edition.

European DVD (Directors Cut)

  • Trailer
  • Photo Gallery
  • Audio Commentary By Director Roland Emmerich And Producer Dean Devlin
  • Stargate Promo Reel
    North American DVD (Ultimate Edition)</font>
  • Featurette: Is There A Stargate?-Including An Interview With Erich von Daniken, Author Of Chariots Of the Gods
  • Audio Commentary With Director Roland Emmerich and Producer Dean Devlin
  • Featurette: The Making Of Stargate-Includes Never-Before-Seen, Behind-the-Scenes Video and Archival Photographs, and Interviews With Design and Production Team Members
  • Interactive Menus
  • Production Notes
  • Scene Access
  • Cast and Crew Information
  • Theatrical Trailer
    North American DVD (Special Edition)</font>
  • Collectible Booklet
  • Contains the Theatrical Version and the Director's Cut
  • Audio Commentary by Director Roland Emmerich and Producer Dean Devlin
  • Trailer
  • Teaser

    [edit] Full Stargate Crew

    The Stargate Crew its thanks to these creative minds that we have such a great film. Each one of these has influenced the film in more ways than one.

    [Director .:. Roland Emmerich]

    [Writer .:. Dean Devlin]
    [Writer .:. Roland Emmerich]

    [Producer .:. Dean Devlin]
    [Producer .:. Oliver Eberle]
    [Co-Producer .:. Ute Emmerich]
    [Executive Producer .:. Mario Kassar]
    [Producer .:. Joel B. Michaels]
    [Line Producer .:. Ramsey Thomas]
    [Associate Producer .:. Peter Winther]

    [Music .:. David Arnold]

    [Cinematography .:. Karl Walter Lindenlaub]

    [Film Editing .:. Derek Brechin]
    [Film Editing .:. Michael J. Duthie]

    [Set Decoration .:. Jim Erickson]
    [Set Decoration .:. Dorn Merrill Kennison]
    [Set Decoration .:. Chris Lisoni]
    [Set Decoration .:. Louis Medrano]
    [Set Decoration .:. Kelly Thompson]

    [Costume Designer .:. Joseph A. Porro]

    Makeup Department
    [Stuart Artingstall .:. hair stylist supervisor]
    [Lisa Collins .:. makeup artist]
    [Janna Crawford .:. hair department]
    [Denise Fischer .:. additional hair stylist]
    [Jake Garber .:. special makeup effects artist]
    [Lori Guidroz .:. hair styles supervisor]
    [Karen Lafler .:. hair department]
    [Dennis Liddiard .:. makeup artist]
    [Paul McAvene .:. hair department]
    [Beth Miller .:. key hair stylist]
    [Greg Nelson .:. makeup artist]
    [Katherine Rees .:. assistant hair stylist]
    [Ursula Ward .:. hair department]

    Production Management
    [Candace Cornell .:. post-production supervisor]
    [Donald Heitzer .:. unit production manager]
    [Ramsey Thomas .:. unit production manager]

    Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
    [Joel Chernoff .:. second unit director: Los Angeles]
    [Jeff Crawford .:. additional second assistant director]
    [Ted Diamandopoulas .:. additional second second assistant director]
    [Steve Love .:. first assistant director]
    [Michael Viglietta .:. second second assistant director]
    [Kim H. Winther .:. second assistant director]

    Art Department
    [Patrick Aiello .:. property maker]
    [Stephen Alesch .:. set designer]
    [Mark B. Ashby .:. foreman]
    [Michael Atwell .:. foreman]
    [Dave C. Avillo .:. creature art department]
    [Kate Baker .:. art department production assistant]
    [Paul Barnes .:. creature art department]
    [Oana Bogdan .:. shop coordinator]
    [Donald E. Brown .:. journeyman propmaker]
    [C. Mitchell Bryan .:. model maker]
    [Timothy Burgard .:. additional storyboard artist]
    [Daniel Camejo .:. graphic designer]
    [Dave Chamberlain .:. model maker]
    [Juan Cilla .:. property maker]
    [Mitchell J. Coughlin .:. creature art department]
    [Barry Crane .:. creature art department]
    [Mick Cukurs .:. set designer]
    [Jeffrey DeBell .:. set dresser]
    [Barry Demeter .:. creature art department]
    [Dan Dorfer .:. scenic artist]
    [Mike Elizalde .:. creature art department]
    [J. Gregory Evans .:. set dresser]
    [Scott Farber .:. property assistant]
    [Eric Fiedler .:. creature art department]
    [Chris Fielding .:. set dresser]
    [Greg Figiel .:. creature art department]
    [Marc Fisichella .:. assistant art director: Yuma]
    [David W. Ford .:. lead man]
    [Marti Foxwell .:. property maker]
    [Jacob Garber .:. creature art department]
    [Darek Gogol .:. conceptual illustrator]
    [Dale B. Gordon .:. property maker]
    [Glen Hanz .:. creature art department]
    [Doug Harlocker .:. property master]
    [Jeff Hay .:. set dresser: model unit]
    [Pamela Holihan .:. model maker]
    [A. Todd Holland .:. art department production assistant]
    [Gerry Holmes .:. property maker]
    [Jason Holmes .:. property maker]
    [Jennifer Howard .:. model maker]
    [Luis G. Hoyos .:. set designer]
    [Bob Huffman .:. gang boss]
    [Nick Huffman .:. property maker]
    [Chris Hughes .:. property maker]
    [Richard Hughes .:. property maker]
    [Steve Hyde .:. model maker]
    [Kevin Ishioka .:. assistant art director]
    [Barbara Ann Jaeckel .:. set designer]
    [Patrick Janicke .:. set designer]
    [Carol Jones .:. creature art department]
    [Clea Jones .:. property assistant]
    [Jonathan Josell .:. art department coordinator]
    [Jeffrey Kalmus .:. model maker]
    [Jason Kaufman .:. model maker]
    [Michael 'Maxx' Kaufman .:. model maker]
    [Joseph Kearney .:. gang boss]
    [Karen Keener .:. creature art department]
    [Joseph Kelly .:. creature art department]
    [Patricia Klawonn .:. set designer]
    [Robert Kohut .:. model maker]
    [Sam P. La Fata .:. property maker]
    [Teri Lane .:. assistant property master]
    [Morris J. Laslo Jr. .:. stand-by carpenter]
    [Kaseja Laurine .:. property maker]
    [Larry Lee .:. property maker]
    [Kent W. Luttrell .:. property maker]
    [Steve Macdonald .:. journeyman propmaker]
    [Scott Maginnis .:. assistant property master]
    [Mark Maitre .:. creature art department]
    [James Malley .:. set dresser]
    [Donald F. Matheson III .:. model maker]
    [John McCabe .:. construction office coordinator]
    [Jim McPherson .:. creature art department]
    [Jon P. Mooers .:. scenic supervisor]
    [Mike Moorehead .:. property maker]
    [Herb Morris .:. set dresser]
    [Wendy Murray .:. set dressing coordinator]
    [Simon Murton .:. concept illustrator]
    [Eve Niemand .:. creature art department]
    [Carolyn Oros .:. creature art department]
    [Brian Penikas .:. creature art department]
    [Kristie Pfeffinger .:. paint foreman]
    [Art Pimentel .:. creature art department]
    [Marc Pollack .:. lead man]
    [Michele Poulik .:. set dressing buyer]
    [John Pouncey .:. property maker]
    [Salvador P�rez Jr. .:. costume construction supervisor]
    [Pierre Quinton .:. creature art department]
    [Michael J. Ray .:. lead man: Yuma]
    [Sally Ray .:. creature art department]
    [Stephen Reece .:. prop maker]
    [Ann Marie Riley .:. model maker]
    [Heather R. Roberts .:. model maker]
    [Eric Rosenberg .:. graphic designer]
    [Peter Mitchell Rubin .:. production illustrator]
    [Thomas Rush .:. model maker]
    [Sam Sainz .:. creature art department]
    [Mark Sakamoto .:. set dresser]
    [Gregg 'Cowboy' Sanders .:. property maker]
    [Lehr Sandoval .:. property maker]
    [Lehr Sandoval .:. stand-by carpenter]
    [Johnnie Santo Espirita .:. creature art department]
    [Clare Scarpulla .:. set designer]
    [Robert Schleinig .:. set dressing fabricator]
    [Oliver Scholl .:. concept design]
    [John Shull .:. property maker]
    [Greg Solomon .:. creature art department]
    [Michael Spatola .:. creature art department]
    [Scott Stoddard .:. creature art department]
    [John Stone .:. construction coordinator]
    [Philip Stone .:. construction coordinator]
    [Rob Thornton .:. property maker]
    [Anthony Tremblay .:. art director: accessories]
    [Zara Turgel Chickanis .:. textile artist]
    [Pedro Valdez .:. creature art department]
    [Joshua Warner .:. set dresser]
    [Tamara Waters .:. model maker]
    [Amy Wells .:. set dressing buyer]
    [Brett Wert .:. journeyman propmaker]
    [Dan Wilson .:. property maker]
    [Len Wiseman .:. property assistant]
    [Cole Young .:. property maker]
    [Victor J. Zolfo .:. assistant set decorator]
    [Mark Zuelzke .:. art director: Yuma]
    [Lou Zutavern .:. model maker]

    Sound Department
    [Bill Baldwin .:. first assistant sound editor]
    [Noah Blough .:. sound editor]
    [Terry Burke .:. foley artist]
    [Jeff Courtie .:. adr mixer]
    [Shelley Croft .:. foley assistant]
    [Patrick Cyccone Jr. .:. sound re-recording mixer]
    [Michael Dandy .:. sound editor]
    [Terrence Emerson .:. boom operator]
    [John P. Fasal .:. special processed sound effects]
    [Roger Fearing .:. sound apprentice]
    [Tammy Fearing .:. sound assistant]
    [Ann Fisher .:. sound assistant]
    [Geoff Foster .:. music engineer]
    [Cameron Frankley .:. sound editor]
    [Sandy Gendler .:. supervising sound editor]
    [Mike Goodman .:. sound editor]
    [James A. Gore .:. foley assistant]
    [Harry Harris .:. sound editor]
    [Lauri Higgins Tobias .:. supervising music editor]
    [Evelyn Hokanson .:. adr recordist]
    [Ethan Holzman .:. sound apprentice]
    [Andrea Horta .:. sound editor]
    [Alan Howarth .:. processed sound effects]
    [Lenny Jennings .:. sound editor]
    [Jon Johnson .:. processed sound effects]
    [Ken J. Johnson .:. processed sound effects]
    [Tim Jones .:. sound intern]
    [Tim Song Jones .:. sound transferer]
    [Richard Kelly .:. sound assistant]
    [James Ketcham .:. stereo sound consultant: DTS]
    [Krispy .:. sound assistant]
    [Val Kuklowsky .:. supervising sound editor]
    [Mark R. La Pointe .:. sound editor]
    [Jeff Levison .:. stereo sound consultant: DTS]
    [Andy Malcolm .:. foley artist]
    [Barbara McCart .:. adr recordist]
    [Peggy Names .:. cable person]
    [Kim Naves .:. assistant music editor]
    [Scott Purdy .:. additional sound re-recording mixer]
    [Raoul .:. sound editor]
    [Gary Raymond .:. cable person]
    [David M. Ronne .:. production sound mixer]
    [Greg P. Russell .:. sound re-recording mixer]
    [Lou Solakofski .:. foley recordist]
    [Mike Szakmeister .:. sound editor]
    [Cherie Tamai .:. sound assistant]
    [Chrys Theodoriou .:. sound assistant]
    [Bill Van Daalen .:. sound editor]
    [Tony Van den Akker .:. foley recordist]
    [Robert S. Warren .:. stereo sound consultant: Dolby]
    [Don White .:. additional sound re-recording mixer]
    [Ben Wilkins .:. sound editor]
    [Joshua Winget .:. assistant music editor]
    [Chris Winter .:. sound assistant]
    [Daniel Yale .:. sound editor]

    Special Effects by
    [Wayne Beauchamp .:. mechanical effects supervisor]
    [John P. Cazin .:. special effects floor supervisor]
    [Amanda Cerney .:. special effects office coordinator]
    [Vincent Creighton .:. special effects assistant]
    [Ken Estes .:. special effects supervisor]
    [John Herzberger .:. special effects assistant]
    [Guy Himber .:. mechanical effects: mechanical crew]
    [Guy Himber .:. puppeteer]
    [James Kagel .:. creature art department]
    [Alan M. Lessing .:. special effects assistant]
    [Adam Leyva .:. special effects assistant]
    [Joseph Murieta .:. special effects assistant]
    [Martin Simon .:. third unit special effects]
    [Ronnie Skinner .:. special effects rigger]
    [Patrick Tatopoulos .:. special creature effects]
    [Robert E. Watson .:. creature art department]
    [Trevor Wood .:. special effects workshop supervisor]

    Visual Effects by
    [William Arance .:. animator: digital animation effects]
    [Randy Bauer .:. animator: digital visual effects]
    [David Beasley .:. model mechanics crew]
    [Beverly Bernacki .:. optical printing: digital animation effects]
    [William Besanceney .:. system manager: digital visual effects]
    [Thomas Boland .:. production manager: digital visual effects]
    [Robert Gerard Brown .:. model unit coordinator]
    [Inger Christiansen .:. production assistant: model unit]
    [Clint Colver .:. animator: digital animation effects]
    [Randy Cooper .:. model maker]
    [Eric Darch .:. model department: sculptor]
    [Stevan Del George .:. data constructor: digital visual effects]
    [Dana Desselle .:. editorial coordinator: digital animation effects]
    [Jeffrey Diamond .:. digital visual effects producer]
    [Mitchell S. Drain .:. supervising digital artist: CRC]
    [Mark Eggenweiler .:. visual effects editor]
    [David Emery .:. co-foreman: model unit]
    [Ken Fix Jr. .:. production assistant: model unit]
    [Robin Kristin Francis .:. digital assistant: digital visual effects]
    [Meg Freeman .:. roto-artist: digital visual effects]
    [Derry Frost .:. technical supervisor: digital visual effects]
    [Patsy Frost .:. animator: digital visual effects]
    [Mike Gabrawy .:. production assistant: model unit]
    [Steve Gero .:. gaffer: model unit]
    [Joe Hall .:. animation assistant: digital visual effects]
    [Brian Hanable .:. digital effects compositor]
    [Dion Hatch .:. Domino artist]
    [J. Bryan Holloway .:. model department: sculptor]
    [Nicholas Hoppe .:. digital assistant: digital visual effects]
    [Michael Hosch .:. sculptor: model unit]
    [Clea Jones .:. production assistant: digital visual effects]
    [Katherine Kean .:. effects producer: digital animation effects]
    [Jeffrey Kleiser .:. digital effects executive producer]
    [Daniel Klem .:. animation assistant: digital visual effects]
    [Peter Jochen Krause .:. director of photography: model unit]
    [Timothy Leach .:. mold maker: model unit]
    [Anthony Lekas .:. model department: sculptor]
    [Karl Walter Lindenlaub .:. director of photography: model unit]
    [Bob Lyss .:. digital printing: digital animation effects]
    [Tony Mancinetti .:. model department: sculptor]
    [Michael Douglas Middleton .:. visual effects plate photographer]
    [Daniel Miller .:. model department: sculptor]
    [Terry Moews .:. first assistant camera: model unit]
    [Mona .:. optical printing: digital animation effects]
    [Mike Morehead .:. model mechanics crew]
    [Art Morrel .:. animator: digital visual effects]
    [Bernardo F. Munoz .:. model department: sculptor]
    [Mary Nelson .:. animator: digital visual effects]
    [Timothy Niver .:. model department: sculptor]
    [January Nordman .:. animator: digital animation effects]
    [Robert O'Haver .:. digital visual effects line producer]
    [Eileen O'Neill .:. senior animator: digital visual effects]
    [Gretchen Oehler .:. script supervisor: model unit]
    [Jeffrey A. Okun .:. digital and visual effects supervisor]
    [Alexander Pitt .:. roto-artist: digital visual effects]
    [Mark M. Pompian .:. animator: digital visual effects]
    [Paul Porter .:. model mechanics crew]
    [William Powloski .:. visual effects]
    [Ken Rawlinson .:. production assistant: model unit]
    [John Riley .:. production assistant: model unit]
    [Michael Rivero .:. animator: digital visual effects]
    [Suzie Schneider .:. model department: sculptor]
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    [Lorraine 'Deedle' Silver .:. assistant coordinator: digital visual effects]
    [Martin Simmons .:. model mechanics crew]
    [Richard King Slifka .:. model maker]
    [Serge Sretschinsky .:. additional software]
    [Greg Stuhl .:. co-foreman: model unit]
    [David Stump .:. effects director of photography]
    [Tully Summers .:. sculptor: model unit]
    [Jonathan Taylor .:. director of photography: model unit]
    [Jonathan Taylor .:. director of photography: visual effects unit]
    [Daniel Trupiano .:. model department: sculptor]
    [Dave Tye .:. model department: sculptor]
    [Michael Van Himbergen .:. digital visual effects producer]
    [John T. Van Vliet .:. animation designer and supervisor: digital animation effects]
    [Eric Verderame .:. model department: sculptor]
    [Frank Vittori .:. model shop coordinator: model unit]
    [Frank Vitz .:. software developer: digital visual effects]
    [Diana Walczak .:. digital visual effects executive producer: Kleiser-Walzcak]
    [Erika Walczak .:. digital visual effects animation assistant: Kleiser-Walczak]
    [Michael J. Walker .:. first assistant camera: model unit]
    [Kit West .:. visual effects supervisor]
    [Jeffery A. Williams .:. senior animator: digital visual effects]

    [Andy Armstrong .:. stunt coordinator]
    [Chino Binamo .:. stunts]
    [Simone Boisseree .:. stunts]
    [Charlie Brewer .:. stunts]
    [Keith Campbell .:. stunts]
    [John Casino .:. stunt double: Mr. Russell]
    [George B. Colucci .:. stunts]
    [Paul Dallas .:. stunts]
    [Mark De Alessandro .:. stunts]
    [Leon Delaney .:. stunts]
    [David DiGregorio .:. stunts]
    [Richard Drown .:. stunts]
    [Dennis Fitzgerald .:. stunt double: Mr. Spader]
    [Tom Garner .:. stunts]
    [Gary Guercio .:. stunts]
    [Jeff Habberstad .:. stunt player]
    [Toby Holguin .:. stunts]
    [Will Leong .:. stunts]
    [Stuart Liebeskind .:. stunts]
    [Bill McIntosh .:. stunts]
    [Bob Orrison .:. stunts]
    [Nick Palma .:. stunts]
    [Chere Rae .:. stunts]
    [Thomas Rosales Jr. .:. stunts]
    [Anthony G. Schmidt .:. stunts]
    [Gregg Smrz .:. stunt double: Mr. Spader]
    [Keith Tellez .:. stunts]
    [Jeannie Thompson .:. stunts]
    [Raliegh Wilson .:. stunts]

    Other crew
    [Paul Ahern .:. weapons assistant]
    [Jim Alfonso .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Gina G. Aller .:. costumer]
    [Lindy Alsobrooks .:. grip]
    [Colin Anderson .:. first assistant camera: "b" camera]
    [Elena Azuola .:. production controller]
    [Marina Babitchenko .:. stitcher]
    [Olivia Baker .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Kim Balser .:. assistant: Mr. Kassar]
    [Netta Bank .:. representative: American Humane Association]
    [Claudette Barius .:. still photographer]
    [Eric Beauchamp .:. mechanical effects assistant]
    [Steve Belsky .:. electrician]
    [Antoine Bonsorte .:. computer designer]
    [Bo Boreanaz .:. costumer]
    [Tony Borella .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Marg Borg .:. craft service]
    [Dan Browne .:. grip]
    [Gary Burritt .:. negative cutter]
    [Richard M. Butkus Jr. .:. electrician]
    [Gary L. Camp .:. second assistant camera: "a" camera]
    [A. Robert Capwell .:. mechanical effects: mechanical crew]
    [Michael Carter .:. studio teacher]
    [John Casino .:. double: Mr. Russell]
    [Cirina Catania .:. unit publicist]
    [R. Adam Chambers .:. electrician]
    [Ron Cicero .:. rigger]
    [Alan Colbert .:. rigger]
    [Jack Collis .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Mark Combs .:. key grip: second unit]
    [Gail Compeau .:. assistant production accountant]
    [Michael Condro .:. first assistant camera]
    [Kevin Cook .:. grip]
    [Tiff Cooney .:. electrician]
    [Loren Corl .:. key grip]
    [Candace Cornell .:. assistant: Mr. Michaels]
    [John Costner .:. production assistant]
    [Mark J. Coyne .:. camera loader]
    [Andreas Crawford .:. dolly grip]
    [Thomas Crawford .:. grip]
    [Rani Cunningham .:. costumer]
    [Matthew J. Curry .:. second assistant camera: "b" camera]
    [Blake Danforth .:. production assistant]
    [Nour Dardari .:. production accountant]
    [Mario Davis .:. grip]
    [Nicolas De Toth .:. assistant editor]
    [Joan Devilla .:. assistant accountant]
    [Joan Devilla .:. payroll accountant]
    [Dhamarata Dhiensuwana .:. rigging key grip]
    [Anthony Diamond .:. production assistant]
    [Antony Diamond .:. production assistant]
    [Christian E. Dirkes .:. grip]
    [Nicholas Dodd .:. conductor]
    [Nicholas Dodd .:. orchestrator]
    [Ralph 'Rusty' Duggan .:. video playback operator]
    [Robert Dunn .:. animal trainer]
    [Robert E. Dunne .:. camera loader]
    [Adam M. Duthie .:. production assistant]
    [Danny Edwards .:. driver: Yuma]
    [Larry Edwards .:. grip]
    [Tim Edwards .:. driver: Yuma]
    [Peter S. Elliot .:. additional editor]
    [John Fearn .:. driver: Yuma]
    [William Fedderson .:. gang boss]
    [Andrea Federman .:. costumer]
    [Marc J. Federman .:. production insurance]
    [Dennis Fitzgerald .:. double: Mr. Spader]
    [Kenneth E. Fix .:. location manager]
    [Fred Folger .:. mechanical effects: mechanical crew]
    [Alan Frazier .:. electrician]
    [Amanda Friedland .:. costumer]
    [Steven Frohardt .:. best boy grip]
    [Chris Gallegos .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Juliano Gallo .:. catering: Los Angeles]
    [Orlando Garc�a .:. chef]
    [Jack Geist .:. production assistant]
    [Gavin Gharrity .:. production assistant]
    [Joie Gharrity .:. assistant: Mr. Eberle]
    [Thomas Giordano .:. video playback operator]
    [Anthony Goldschmidt .:. title designer]
    [Austin Goss .:. gaffer]
    [George Gray .:. extras casting: Yuma]
    [Mai Gray .:. extras casting: Yuma]
    [Mark Grey .:. driver: Yuma]
    [Al Guarino .:. additional casting]
    [Gil Guzman .:. mechanical effects assistant]
    [Chris Haarhoff .:. camera operator: "b" camera]
    [Chris Haarhoff .:. steadicam operator]
    [Don Haggerty .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Samara Hagopian .:. mechanical effects: mechanical crew]
    [Brian J. Hahn .:. mechanical effects assistant]
    [Roswell Hahn .:. mechanical effects assistant]
    [Karen Hare .:. assistant costume construction supervisor]
    [Lori Harris .:. costumer]
    [Sanja Milkovic Hays .:. assistant costume designer]
    [Sharon Henning .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Cassandra Heredia .:. production assistant]
    [Phil Hetos .:. color timer]
    [Neil Holcomb .:. rigging gaffer]
    [Geri Infante .:. costumer]
    [Walter Johlps .:. studio teacher]
    [Kent Johnson .:. mechanical effects assistant]
    [Laurie Joiner .:. assistant production coordinator]
    [Jeff Jones .:. production assistant]
    [Keith Jordan .:. grip]
    [Kent Kay .:. grip]
    [Nisa Kellner .:. costumer]
    [Madeleine Klein .:. animal trainer]
    [Chris Knagge .:. driver: Yuma]
    [Brett Kramer .:. craft service]
    [Buzz Kramer .:. craft service]
    [Gary Kramer .:. craft service]
    [Lynne Kramer .:. craft service]
    [Peter Jochen Krause .:. camera operator]
    [Michael Ladin .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Brandon Lambdin .:. set production assistant]
    [Robert Lassers .:. assistant production coordinator]
    [Lori Lavelle .:. extras casting: Los Angeles]
    [Eric Layne .:. assistant accountant]
    [Eric Layne .:. payroll accountant]
    [Marc Lebeaune .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Jeff Lira .:. driver: Yuma]
    [Erin Maguire .:. driver: Yuma]
    [Edward Malone .:. assistant editor]
    [Ed W. Marsh .:. documentarian]
    [Jerry L. Marshall .:. grip]
    [Daniel Martinez .:. costumer]
    [Chuck Mason .:. rigger]
    [David May .:. music business affairs]
    [Jim Maydock .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Arthur F. 'Mickey' McAteer .:. dispatcher]
    [David J. McMillan .:. wrangler]
    [Mike McNally .:. paramedic]
    [Sandy McNally .:. paramedic]
    [H�ctor Mendoza .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Charlie Messenger .:. extras casting: Los Angeles]
    [Robert C. Miller .:. assistant production accountant]
    [Bekki Misidrowski .:. driver: Yuma]
    [Mike Moss .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Robin Mulcahy Fisichella .:. production assistant]
    [Kim Nakakura .:. assistant editor]
    [Gary Neba .:. grip]
    [Keith O'Brien .:. transportation coordinator]
    [Andrew Parke .:. additional camera operator]
    [Jim Passon .:. color timer]
    [Heather Paulson .:. accounting assistant]
    [Ave Peart .:. production assistant]
    [Jim Petti .:. assistant: Mr. Russell]
    [Paige Pooler .:. production assistant]
    [Kevin C. Potter .:. second assistant camera: model unit]
    [Joan Powell .:. cutter/fitter]
    [Eva Prappas .:. set supervisor]
    [Mike Prince .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Marty Radcliffe .:. driver: Yuma]
    [Hossam Ramzy .:. musician: Egyptian percussion]
    [Garet Reilly .:. costume supervisor]
    [Nicoline Riis .:. publicity intern]
    [Dennis Rivers .:. wrangler]
    [Julie Rivers .:. wrangler]
    [William C. Rivers .:. wrangler]
    [China Robinson .:. costumer]
    [Marc Roskin .:. production assistant]
    [Gary D. Scott .:. first assistant camera: "a" camera]
    [Celia Sedwick .:. milliner]
    [Bruce Shanahan .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Burton Sharp .:. adr group coordinator]
    [Russell Shinkle .:. mechanical supervisor: mechanical crew]
    [Jerry Sidwell .:. transportation captain]
    [Ray Simmons .:. casting assistant]
    [Richard Smart .:. cutter/fitter]
    [Eric G. Smith .:. office courier]
    [Stuart Tyson Smith .:. egyptology consultan]
    [Gregg Smrz .:. double: Mr. Spader]
    [Kelly Snyder .:. key assistant production accountant]
    [James Sprayberry .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Irena Stepic .:. costumer]
    [Heather Stewart .:. accounting assistant]
    [Trish Stuckey .:. extras casting: Los Angeles]
    [Robert Suer .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Steve Surabian .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Kay Sweeney .:. script supervisor]
    [Yana Syrkin .:. costumer]
    [Jonathan Taylor .:. director of photography: second unit]
    [Lori Tellez .:. assistant: Mr. Devlin]
    [Phillip L. Tomalin Jr. .:. assistant: Mr. Spader]
    [Carmen Torres .:. stitcher]
    [Daniel Trupiano .:. sculpture crew]
    [Dave Tye .:. sculpture crew]
    [Marianne Urioste .:. assistant editor]
    [Peggy Vargas Phillippi .:. assistant: Mr. Heitzer]
    [Gene Vasconcellos .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Mike Vasquenza .:. gang boss]
    [Eric Verderame .:. sculpture crew]
    [Jeff Verdick .:. mechanic]
    [Diana Villa .:. production associate]
    [George Vrattos .:. mechanical effects assistant]
    [Estella C. Wallerstein .:. costumer]
    [Ursula Ward .:. hair department]
    [Sheila A. Warner .:. production coordinator]
    [Roy Watts .:. additional editor]
    [Scott Webb .:. electrician]
    [Troy Webb .:. best boy electric]
    [John Weiss Jr. .:. camera loader]
    [Brett Wert .:. journeyman propmaker]
    [Mike Westra .:. driver: Yuma]
    [Kenneth Wheatley .:. mechanical effects foreman]
    [Larry L. Williams .:. driver: Los Angeles]
    [Lars P. Winther .:. key set production assistant]
    [Gregory Wong .:. grip]
    [Dave Wood .:. rigger]
    [Dana Wright .:. costumer]
    [Kimberly Wright .:. additional still photographer]
    [William D. Wynn .:. grip]
    [Jamie Young .:. grip]
    [Diana Zahn .:. assistant: Mr. Devlin]

    [edit] Stargate Cast

    The Stargate Cast, these are the people which helped create the Movie which went onto become one of the most Popular Sci-fi Shows.

    [Kurt Russell .:. Col. Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neil</font>]
    [James Spader .:. Dr. Daniel Jackson]
    [Viveca Lindfors .:. Catherine Langford, Ph.D. ]
    [Alexis Cruz .:. Skaara]
    [Mili Avital .:. Sha'uri]
    [Leon Rippy .:. General West]
    [John Diehl .:. Lieutenant Kawalsky]
    [Carlos Lauchu .:. Anubis]
    [Djimon Hounsou .:. Horus (as Djimon) ]
    [Erick Avari .:. 'Good Father' Kasuf]
    [French Stewart .:. Lieutenant Ferretti]
    [Gianin Loffler .:. Nabeh]
    [Jaye Davidson .:. Ra]
    [Christopher John Fields .:. Freeman]
    [Derek Webster .:. Brown]
    [Jack Moore .:. Reilly]
    [Steve Giannelli .:. Porro]
    [David Pressman .:. Assistant Lieutenant]
    [Scott Alan Smith .:. Officer]
    [Cecil Hoffman .:. Sarah O'Neil]
    [Rae Allen .:. Barbara Shore, Ph.D. ]
    [Richard Kind .:. Gary Meyers, Ph.D. ]
    [John Storey .:. Mitch]
    [Lee Taylor-Allan .:. Jenny]
    [George Gray .:. Technician]
    [Kelly Vint .:. Young Catherine Langford]
    [Erik Holland .:. Prof. Langford]
    [Nick Wilder .:. Taylor, the Foreman]
    [Sayed Badreya .:. Arabic Interpreter]
    [Michael Concepcion .:. Horus Guard #1]
    [Jerry Gilmore .:. Horus Guard #2]
    [Michel Jean-Philippe .:. Horus Guard #3]
    [Dialy N'Daiye .:. Horus Guard #4]
    [Gladys Holland .:. Professor]
    [Roger Til .:. Professor]
    [Kenneth Danziger .:. Professor]
    [Christopher West .:. Professor]
    [Robert Ackerman .:. Companion]
    [Kieron Lee .:. Masked Ra]

    [Frank Welker .:. Mastadge (voice)]

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