Played By: Erin Chambers Rodney McKay
Race: Genii
Planets: Genii Planet

Appearing as an ordinary farmer to the outside world, Sora was in fact part of the Genii military along with her father Tyrus. Trained in many combat and infiltration techniques she was a skilled warrior.

When Sheppard's team came to the Genii planet, Sora greeted them, however when they discovered the Genii's secret they were less than welcoming. Creating an alliance between the two races, Sora's father went on a reconnaissance mission to a Wraith Wraith Hive Ship, from which he did not return. When all of Sheppard's team returned relatively unharmed, Sora started to feel that Teyla was responsible for the death of her father.

When the Genii planned to infiltrate Atlantis, Sora joined the strike force however was unhappy when she learnt that Teyla wasn't among the people on the base. Fortunate for Sora, Teyla soon came to the city in a Puddle Jumper. Wanting to exact vengeance on her, she went in search for her. Finding her, she engaged her in hand-to-hand combat, however she was unable to match up to her and lost the fight.

When the other Genii left the city, Sora was left behind. Elizabeth Weir agreed to allow her to stay, however she was confined. When they required the help of the Genii, Elizabeth Weir sent Sora back to her homeworld as a gesture of good will.

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