Solen Sincha

Solen Sincha
Played By: Sean Campbell
Race: Satedan
Planets: Sateda

An old friend of Ronon Dex, Solen Sincha served along side Ronon in the war against the Wraith on Sateda. During the war, he along with more than three-hundred others managed to hide in shelters west of the capital city. When the Wraith left, leaving Sateda in rubble, Solen and the others left the planet to search for a new home.

Finding refuge on Belkan where the Belkans gladly took him in along with a few other Satedans. When he met up with Ronon he was overjoyed, and spent the night drinking along side his friend telling stories of the war against the Wraith.

Knowing of other Satedans, he told Ronon that their old task master Kell often visited the planet for trades, and made arrangements for the two to meet.

[edit] Key Episodes

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