Played By: Heather Hanson
Race: P3R-636 Inhabitants
Planets: P3R-636

A Princess, Shyla was the heir to the throne after her father Pyrus. Told by her mother that someone would beyond the sun, Shyla tired of waiting, tried to commit suicide, but was saved by Daniel Jackson. Instantly falling in love with him, when her father ordered SG1 to work in the mines, she insisted that Daniel stay with her.

As hard as she tried, Shyla was unable to make Daniel fall for her, however with each visit to the Sarcophagus, Daniel started to lose what he was. Eventually Daniel agreed to marry with Shyla under the condition that SG1 are freed, and when her father died, she freed them and sent them and Daniel home, so that Daniel could take care of a few things and return to her forever.

Shyla waited days, upon days for him to return, however she believed that he would never return. Her wait ended when he came back, however only to tell her not to use the Sarcophagus or she'd turn just like her father.

[edit] Key Episodes

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