Played By: Musetta Vander
Race: Jaffa
Planets: Chulak

A Jaffa priestess and former lover of Teal'c. Whilst in a deep state of Kelnorim, Shau'nac managed to communicate with her symbiote and believed that she had successfully managed to teach it that what the Goa'uld do is wrong. Believing that her symbiote wished to join the Tok'ra she with the help of Bra'tac came to Earth to ask for SG1's help.

With her symbiote now mature and ready to take a host, SG1 took her to the Tok'ra who found the symbiote a host as well as a new larval symbiote for Shau'nac so that she may live. However, Tanith, the mature symbiote soon revealed his true intention, to infiltrate the Tok'ra. Having manipulated Shau'nac thus far, he killed her for betraying her Gods, making it appear that the larval Goa'uld was unable to sustain her.

Whilst trying to do what Shau'nac had done, Teal'c soon realised that it was Tanith who had killed her and that he is a Goa'uld and not Tok'ra.

[edit] Key Episodes

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