Seth Fargough

Seth Fargough
Seth fargough.jpg
Played By: Robert Duncan
Race: Goa'uld
Planets: Earth

Seth was the brother of the Goa'uld Osiris, who he banished along with Osiris's queen Isis, placing the symbiotes in canopic jars. Osiris later managed to find a new host and escape, however Isis was killed whilst in the canopic jar when the seal was damaged.

When the Goa'uld were kicked from Earth in a rebellion thousands of years ago, Seth who at the time was hiding on Earth from the System Lord who he had tried to overthrow them, had been left marooned on the planet. Over the years he surfaced, using a drug called Nishta to brainwash his followers into serving him blindly, killing them all when he is about to be caught, using underground he manages to escape staying low for many years.

Known as Seth, Setesh, Setekh, Set, Seti and Typhon, he recently appeared in Seattle taking the identity of a Seth Fargough, a cult leader. He came to the attention of the Tok'ra who had no record of him after the Stargate at Giza was buried. Being watched by the ATF, he was soon found by Daniel Jackson, and SG1 were sent to stop him. Samantha Carter managed to kill him and free his followers from the control of the Nishta.

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