Played By: Robert Wisden
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Executive officer to General Hammond, Samuels was very short sighted as to the future of the Stargate program, believing that it would be safer for them to bury the Stargate like the ancient Egyptians than run a program. He was soon reassigned to be the liaison between the Pentagon and the SGC.

He appeared less than a year later, accompanied by Kinsey to try and shutdown the Stargate program. Seeing no benefit from the program, he with the help of Kinsey succeeded in shutting it down, however SG1 defied orders and went off-world.

He soon returned back to the SGC when NORAD located two alien ships headed towards Earth. Believing that he could lead an assault on the ships, Samuels came to SGC where he ordered two Naquadah enhanced warheads towards the Mother-ship.

Unfortunately, the warheads were easily stopped by the Mother-ships shields quickly reducing any chance they had of winning the fight. Believing there is no hope, Samuels cowardly requested to General Hammond that he be allowed to evacuate to the Alpha site, however the request was denied and he was ordered to stand along side the men and women of the command that he tried to close down.

After SG1 destroyed the ship, emerging victorious, Samuels was reassigned and Paul Davis was made liaison between the Pentagon and the SGC.

During an alternative time line, Samuels was once again given the job of retrieving Jack O'Neill from retirement and bringing him to Cheyenne Mountain.

[edit] Key Episodes

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