Richard Woolsey

Richard Woolsey
Richard woolsey.jpg
Played By: Robert Picardo
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Formally on the payroll of the NID, Richard Woolsey despite being an NID agent, maintained that he will do what he believes is right. He first came to the SGC to investigate the decisions that led to the death of Janet Fraiser, as well as the economic repercussion of the program.

Having graduating from Harvard University with a MBA and LLB, Woolsey was the lead council for the Army Corps of Engineers. He later sat on the Defence Policy board, however was forced to resign a year later when they learnt he had financial ties with a large corporation which was awarded over $800 million. Since then he has worked with the NID devoting himself to civilian oversight over secret military programs.

When Robert Kinsey became the vice president, he asked Woolsey to make a report on the current administration at the SGC. Woolsey complied, and made a case against George Hammond and SG1. However, in the process of presenting the president the evidence, Woolsey realised that Kinsey wasn't the man he thought he was, especially when he made it clear that Kinsey would do anything to command the Stargate Project, even if it meant assassinating the President. Remembering Jack had stopped Kinsey once before, and had George Hammond reinstated, Woolsey went to see George Hammond, who trusted him with a disk containing all the illegal activities of the NID connecting them to Kinsey himself. Woolsey took the evidence to the President which was later used to force Kinsey to resign.

Soon enough Wolsey become a representative of the International Oversights Agency, giving him direct exposure to the challenges faced by those in the program. He saw one of these first hand when Khalek was found on a planet, and it became apparant that he had the powers of the Ancients, Woolsey remained adamant that this was a great opportunity for them to study him, however the longer they kept him, his abilities increased, eventually resulting in him being able to break free and make it to the gate.

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