Reya Varrick

Reya Varrick
Played By: Anna Galvin
Race: Galarans
Planets: Galar

A Galaran Scientist, Varrick was assigned by the Galaran Emissary to work on the Galaran Memory Project alongside her ex-husband Doctor Marell. They separated when both their works took precedence over their lives. Along with being in charge of the project, Varrick was told about the Stargate and all its wonders.

However when the project was completed, the Emissary gave control of the project to the military, which infuriated Varrick, who depressed and wanting support found the shoulder of Cameron Mitchell, who took her home. However seeing her leave with Mitchell, her ex-husband, Marell followed them where he saw them kissing. In a rage he killed Varrick, framing Mitchell.

[edit] Key Episodes

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