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Race Information
Planet(s): Halla
Menace Planet
Ship(s): Replicator Escape Ship
Replicator Ship

Replicators come in different form and sizes. The Replicators was first created by a human on the Menace Planet. The human created the Android Reese, the first human form replicator. She was disliked by the other inhabitants of the planet, and so she created a toy, a Replicator block. The Replicator block, although meant as a toy, was dangerous. When the Android Reese was forced to be shut down, it told the replicators to replicate. They eventually replicated and killed the inhabitants of the planet, and when they got the chance, they left the planet, and started replicating, becoming a scourge on the galaxy. They first started to take over the Galaxy of Ida, home of the Asgard, who were unable to stop them. However, SG1 soon ran into them, and were able to stop them using projectile weapons. Although their ability to replicate has made it hard for them to be wiped out. When the Android Reese was discovered by the SGC they discovered the truth about the replicaters and after having to shoot the Android Reese to save the SGC from being over run by Replicators, they gave the android to the Asgard in hopes that they could stop the replicators once and for all. They used the android to set a trap by calling everysingle repliactor in the galaxy to come forth to the Asgard homeplanet. However, the trap failed, and the Replicaters managed to use it to their advantage. The replicators then created human form replicators which then led the block formed replicators. SG1 were sent to fix the trap, but were caught by the human form replicators who tortured them. However, with the help of a human form replicator who was more human than the others, they managed to fix the trap and escape, leaving the replicator deceived and caught in the trap. After over a year, the Asgard decided the only way to get rid of the replicators was to collapse the sun into a black hole destroying the planet and the replicators. However the replicators managed to escape. The replicators went to the new Asgard homeworld, where they started replicating once again. However, using ancient knowledge, Jack was able to construct a weapon to use against the replicators which allowed the Asgard to hold of the advance of replicators on their new home planet. However, a new human form replicator managed to decieve the SGC and find a defence against the weapon. Soon after, the replicators started to gain a strong hold in the galaxy, and started to attack the system lords. Soon a big battle ensued, in which the Goa'uld, Tok'ra, Jaffa, Tau'ri and Replicators fought for control on the galaxy. The battle led them all to the planet Dakara where a weapon which could destroy the replicators once and for all laid. With the help of the Tok'ta and Jaffa SG1 managed to activate it, and destroy all the Replicators in the galaxy.

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