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As well as being a Director and Writer for the show, Peter DeLuise has also managed to get himself to appear on camera in various cameos. With soo many cameos for the actor, here is a definitive list of all of them. If there are any missing be sure to add them.

EP 218 - Serpent's Song

PDCameo 217.jpg
His Cameo in this Episode isn't a big one, but if you look carefully at the computer in one of the scenes, you will see that one of the Algorithms is called DeLuise Algorithm.

EP 220 - Show and Tell

PDCameo 220.jpg
This is his first physical Cameo on Stargate (to my knowledge), he can be seen in this episode playing the role of an Airmen.

When Charlie comes through the gate, he looks around, and Peter can be seen looking at him, in surprise.

EP 306 - Point of View

PDCameo 306.jpg
In this Episode he doesn't have a physical cameo but a verbal one. He can be heard interogating the Sam which has come from the Alternative reality.

The transcripts for the conversation is:

Carter: Look, I've told you this. Now let me talk to someone from the SGA.
Peter: SGA? There is no such organization.
Carter: Well then you call it something else. The Stargate Project. Stargate Command.
Peter: The Stargate. What do you know about the Stargate?
Carter: What do I know?! Everything! We've been through this!
Peter: Well let's go through it again.
Carter: Oh, for crying out loud!


EP 308 - Demons

PDCameo 308.jpg
When the UNAS first comes to the village, Peter can be seen shoting "The Demon Comes".

After a few seconds he can be seen running away.

EP 312 - Jolinar's Memories

PDCameo 312.png
In this Episode he can be seen behind Jack O'Neill in the gate room when the Tok'ra come through the gate at the beginning of the episode.

EP 313 - The Devil You Know

PDCameo 313.jpg
This cameo isn't one that you can see but hear. Peter is the one that shouts "Sokar is approaching"

EP 316 - Urgo

PDCameo 316.jpg
Urgo who is played by Peter DeLuise's father (Dom DeLuise) in one scene made himself first small in terms of size, and then "dashing".

The dashing version of him, is played by Peter DeLuise.

EP 402 - The Other Side

PDCameo 402.png
At the begginning, theres an Incoming wormhole, during this you see Jack moving towards the gate room, but before he gets there, he sees Peter who is telling the other soldiers to get a move (and get to the gate room quickly so they can guard it more prominantly).

EP 404 - Crossroads

PDCameo 404.png
This is a first type of Cameo for Peter, as in this episode he plays a Tok'ra and can be seen in a skirt. Later in the scene he is hit by Teal'c who goes to attack many Tok'ra to get to the Goa'uld Tanith.

EP 406 - Window of Opportunity

PDCameo 406.png
Peter is one of those that is helping Daniel get up when he is knocked down on the base.

EP 410 - Beneath the Surface

PDCameo 410.png
In this Episode, Peter can be seen sleeping in the beds behind Colonel O'Neill.

EP 417 - Absolute Power

PDCameo 417.png
In this Cameo, Peter is a normal Guard at the door, just doing what he does best.

EP 420 - Entity

PDCameo 420.png
If you take a look at the record on the screen closely, you will notice that the photo is of none other than Peter.

EP 502 - Threshold

PDCameo 502 2.png
Not exactly a cameo, but you can see his initials made from candles being reflected in the window.

EP 502 - Threshold

PDCameo 502.png
This is his second (sort of) appearance in this episode. In this cameo, he has a voiceover, and can be heard saying "quiet".

EP 506 - Rite of Passage

PDCameo 506.png
Cameo Appearance as the person on the desk (Seems to be one of his usual Cameo roles)

EP 508 - The Tomb

PDCameo 508.png
He doesn't make a physical appearance in this episode, but a picture can be seen of him in one of the files that is being looked at.

EP 510 - 2001

PDCameo 510.png
Peter is the driver for Jack in this episode, and can be heard saying "We're picking up another passanger" - lucky Jack

EP 510 - 2001

PDCameo 510.jpg
He can be seen yet again in this episode, however this time he can be seen as a Scientist. He sure moved from Driver to Scientist quickly.

The image isn't very clear, and its more of a blur, but if you look carefully, you can make him out. Its also good to have the Audio Commentaries.

EP 512 - Wormhole X-Treme!

PDCameo 512.png
Not really even a Cameo, however, he plays a big part in this episode as the director of Wormhole Extreme, and can be seen THROUGHOUT the episode.

EP 518 - The Warrior

PDCameo 518.png
In this episode he has yet another voice over, and can be heard saying "An Army has weapons, an Army has food"

EP 603 - Decent

PDCameo 603.jpg
He appears as clear as ever in this episode, but he can be easily missed. You see him in this episode as "Lt. Dagwood" one of the technicians braught to fix the ship which had crashed at the bottom of the ocean.

EP 605 - Nightwalkers

PDCameo 605.jpg
Peter can be seen as clear as day in this episode in his role as "the guy walking out of the diner".

EP 607 - Shadow Play

PDCameo 607.jpg
This time its really hard to see Peter, however with the help of the Audio Commentary on the DVD's you know for sure that it is him and not someone else.

EP 609 - Allegiance

PDCameo 609.jpg
A very short Voice-over, in which Peter can be heard saying "Yes, Sir!"

The scene occurs at 17 minutes and 20 seconds into the Episode, when one of the Jaffa are accused of killing a Tok'ra and the Zatark detector has said that he was the one that lied, and so when Jack says to take him to the holding cell, Peter's response is as stated above.

EP 620 - Memento

PDCameo 620.jpg
Peter can be seen here in the video feed, along with Damian Kindler.

EP 703 - Fragile Balance

PDCameo 703.jpg
In this episode, Peter lends his voice to Loki, who is one of the Asgard.

EP 705 - Revisions

PDCameo 705.jpg
Peter can be seen looking into the air in this episode.

EP 807 - Affinity

PDCameo 807.jpg
Peter can be seen in the Fair buying a hot dog and holding a child. The question we are all asking is who is the child.

EP 816 - Reckoning (Part 1)

PDCameo 816.jpg
Peter is one of the men holding a gun ready to fire at the Hologram of Ba'al.

EP 818 - Threads

PDCameo 818.jpg
When Sam is talking on the phone, Peter can be seen on the table working (playing games) on the computer.

EP 819 - Moebius (Part 1)

PDCameo 819.jpg
In the alternative time line he ceased being a air man, and became a scientists... seems like he was extremely smart...

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