Paul Davis

Paul Davis
Paul davis.jpg
Played By: Colin Cunningham
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Major Paul Davis, is the official envoy from the Pentagon, and liaison between the Pentagon and SGC. He deals with matters of national security, and regularly steps up to try and stop any possible leaks.

Davis replaced Colonel Maybourne who was loathed by most of the SGC personnel, and was first introduced to the General George Hammond when the USAF were unable to get a hold of the SGC for a couple of hours. It was later revealed to him, that this was due to a blackhole.

What Davis has done for the SGC has given him the respect of all the SGC personnel, especially SG1 and General George Hammond. Having been in a foothold situation along with all the other SGC personel, he managed to free himself and take back the base with the help of Samantha Carter and Teal'c.

When Teal'cs life was at stake, Davis along with Daniel Jackson travelled to Russia where they tried to negotiate for the use of the DHD which they believed could be used to save the life of Teal'c. They eventually managed to get the Russians to agree, however the DHD blew up and could not be returned.

When Osiris's ship, controlled by Thor's mind, came into Earth's orbit, Davis along with Jacob Carter]]|Jacob]] Carter and SG1 went on a mission to check it out. Proven to be a valuable asset, he stood besides General George Hammond, when they told the representatives from Great Britain, France and China about the Stargate Program.

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