Paradise Moon

Paradise Moon
Paradise moon.jpg
Planet Information
Galaxy: Milky Way

[edit] History

The moon was supposed to be a paradise in where no weapons could go, however the Goa'uld found out, and wanted to destroy the paradise. As no weapons could be taken with him, he instead took with him a flower, that causes anyone that eats it to hallucinate. Eventually all the inhabitants of the paradise died, including the Goa'uld. Maybourne found out about the paradise, and thinking that they were all alive, he tried to get there. However, he inadvertently took Jack with him. Once there they found the inhabitants dead. The only way onto the moon, is via a gateway, located on the planet that it orbits, and the only way off is via a ship. The two were rescued by the Tok'ra before they ended up killing each other.

[edit] Key Episodes

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