Planet Information
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Pangarans

[edit] History

The planet was once home to the Goa'uld Ra, during which time, he managed to capture and imprisoned the Tok'ra Queen, Egeria in a canopic jar. It was however, believed by the Tok'ra that their queen had been killed by Ra. Soon after that Ra was defeated by Shaq'ran who used the planet as his base, who left/ died soon after. After that the Pangarans had time to develop naturally. During the time, the pangarans were able to develop technologically to a level similar to that of the Earth in the 1960's. However, they created a cure for all disease, and called the cure "Tretonin". However, during SG1's time on the planet they realised that the drug Tretonin is infact "ground Goa'uld". During further inspection of some of the ruins, they discovered, that the Goa'uld that they are takeing the symbiotes from the Tok'ra queen. The Tok'ra are enraged and demand the release of their queen. By this time, most of the population, had become addicted to the drug, however the queen was able to give them the cure that they needed.

[edit] Key Episodes

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