P8X-412 Inhabitants

P8X-412 Inhabitants
Race Information
Planet(s): P8X-412

P8X-412 is a small mining outpost occupied by humans. The planet is not in the main system of planets, meaning the news of the Goa'ulds being false gods, and their rule coming to an end failed to reach the inhabitants. The people of P8X-412 were once ruled by the Goa'uld Qetesh who came in power when she stopped Ba'al from destroying the planet. However, the Tok'ra came and removed the Goa'uld from the host body. The followers of Quetesh on the other planets didn't realise the difference between the Host and Goa'uld and shunned the host, Vala Mal Doran. Vala then made her way to P8X-412, where the inhabitants did not know about the truth about the Goa'uld and their god, Qetesh, and so she came to the planet and ruled the planet, posing as the Goa'uld. Eventually she left the planet, and went around the galaxy getting a reputation for deceit. However, it wasn't long before P8X-412 was visited by the Orii Priors. When Vala returned to the planet with SG1, she told the inhabitants the truth about Qetesh and what she did in her name. Unfortunately it didn't help when the Priors visited the planet and demanded they worship the Orii. When they said no, the Prior spreaded a plague among the Orii, one that meant the end for the people unless they accepted the Orii as their god.

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