Planet Information
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): P3X-289 Inhabitants

[edit] History

The Planet was under the control of the System Lord Morrigan until she left. The inhabitants of the planet began to develop and advance their technology, until a point came when the planet was made uninhabitable. To save themselves, they created the link, a computer to control an artificial environment. A dome was created within which the air was breathable, and the people could live, controlled by the Link a highly sophisticated piece of technology which contained the knowledge and records of all the people that signed up. Over 100,000 signed up for the program, however when SG-1 got to the planet, they were told only 1000 people have lived in the dome. As time passed, it became apparent that the inhabitants were disappearing, when they saw members of the population were missing, and no-one knew anything about it. It was then that they realised that the dome was failing, and the Link had started to force people to kill themselves and they had re-written peoples memories. In the attempt to stop the Link, and make the people aware of what it had done, SG-1 tried to get the engineer of the link to realise, however the link put a thought into their minds that the link is the only way to survive. However, Sam finally got through to the engineer, who was able to stop the link from harming the rest of the team. They then, in an attempt to save the remaining people, sent them to a planet where they could start over, without the link, and they abandoned the link.

[edit] Key Episodes

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