P3R-636 Inhabitants

P3R-636 Inhabitants
P3r636 inhabitants.jpg
Race Information
Planet(s): P3R-636

The inhabitants of P3R-636 were once ruled by the Goa'ulds. But a man came and managed to kill the Goa'uld and took his place as leader of the planet.

He continued the Naquadah mining operations of the planet, and sent them to the Goa'uld in hopes that they didn't return. The other inhabitants of the planet, praised him for killing the Goa'uld and treated him with respect.

However, when SG-1 went to the planet, they were captured, and forced to work in the mines, however the daughter of the leader, fell in love with Daniel Jackson and got him addicted to the Sarcophagus that they had seized from the Goa'uld.

Eventually SG-1 managed to escape, and with the help of the daughter, they managed to change the old ways

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