Race Information
Planet(s): Orban

The Orbanians are an advanced race that have developed nanotechnology which allows them to learn at a much faster rate than normal. This has allowed them to advance greatly in the past 10 years of their planets history. The race inject Nanites into the children at birth, and some children are given more than others. These children, known as Urrone, spend their time learning more and advancing the knowledge, and when the time comes, they go through the Averium, a process where the nanites are removed and distributed among the population, giving them the knowledge. However, once they are put through the Averium, they are left without any knowledge, and revert to the mental status of a child. Until the SGC came, the Orbanians keep the Urrone separately and are well-cared for. However, once Merrin had gone through the Averium, she was able to pass the knowledge that she learnt at the SGC to get the population to teach the Urrone that had gone through the Averium, helping them to leave normal lives once again.

[edit] Key Episodes

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