Oma Desala

Oma Desala
Oma desala.jpg
Played By: Carla Boudreau, Mel Harris
Race: Lantean
Planets: Earth

An Ancient who wanted to help all those that she could, Oma Desala walks a fine line as an Ascended being by allowing lower beings, humans, the chance to Ascend.

Due to this, she is considered an outcast and constantly suffers for mistakingly helping a Goa'uld ascend.

During her time on Kheb, she was visited by Anubis, and he managed to fool her into believing that he was pure of heart, and when he ascended she and the others discovered the truth, and tried to send him back.

However, due to her mistake, the others felt that her punishment would be to watch as Anubis, who, with the knowledge of the Ancients slowly conquers the galaxy.

In the meantime, she tried hard to ascend those pure of heart, making sure she doesnt make the same mistake twice. She was soon approached by Amonet with the Harcesis child, in hopes to save the child from Apophis's enemies. The Child was left in her care.

When Daniel Jackson came looking for the child, she saw he had a pure heart, and gave the child to him, however he realised that the child would be safer with Oma, and so he left the child in her care. Knowing that Apophis would not rest till he got the baby, Oma Desala left the planet to go where she could not be found.

She taught Shifu, the Harcesis child all she could, and stopped nanites which would cause him to age rapidly. She taught him how to suppress his Goa'uld side, allowing him to stay pure of heart and not turn evil like the Goa'uld.

Eventually, she came to Daniel when he needed help, and offered him a chance to Ascend which he took. However, when Daniel was unable to follow the Ancients rules, she was forced to descend him, and take his memories away, although she made it so he would slowly regain them.

At the same time, she helped the people of Abydos against Anubis by Ascending the people of the planet when Anubis used a superweapon to destroy the planet.

She didn't return to the aid of the Tau'ri until Daniel was once again on the edge of life and death, where she gave him a second chance to Ascend. However, it soon became too late, as Anubis started to use a weapon which would destroy all life in the galaxy.

In an effor to stop him, she sacrificed herself, and attacked Anubis who was forced to fight back for all eternity, leaving the galaxy safe from Anubis.

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