Nox' Planet

Nox' Planet
Nox planet.jpg
Planet Information
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Planet Address
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Fenri

[edit] History

The Nox Planet is home to the Nox, a peaceful race, that do not believe in fighting and bug like creatures. The bug creatures, are much sort out by the Goa'uld especially Apophis. The Nox are technologically advanced, but primitive in looks, and have the ability to become invisible, and turn things invisible. They use this power to turn the bugs invisible, so the Goa'uld believe that it is the bugs which can turn invisible. During a mission to the planet, the Nox showed SG-1 the city of the Nox, a floating city which is on the planet. When the SGC met the Tollans, they could not send them home, and so instead they sent them to the Nox Homeworld, who were able to devise a way to send the Tollans home.

[edit] Key Episodes

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