Played By: Shane Meier
Race: Keras' Race
Planets: Kera's Planet (M7G-677)

A young boy on M7G-677, Neleus was part of Kera's village and was asked by Ares to find and retrieve Dr. Rodney McKay whose presence he believed to be causing the Wraith to once again come to the planet. However, when Neleus got there he saw a Wraith Reconnaissance Drone checking out the region and believed that Sheppards team being on the planet were responsible for the Wraith's arrival. However, as soon as Rodney McKay activated the ancient device protecting the planet, the drone shut off, and Neleus realised that Sheppard's team were telling the truth.

He ran back to Ares to tell him what had happened, leading to the release of Sheppards team.

[edit] Key Episodes

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