Ship Information
Race(s): Goa'uld

The Needle-Threader is a very old Goa'uld ship which was designed specifically to go through the Stargate.

These ships are long gone, and no longer used, however Bra'tac was able to get his hands on one, and was able to hide it on Chulak for over a century. When they realised that they needed it, to save SG1 from Hathor, he decided to reveal it and use it.

General Hammond and Teal'c used the Needle-Threader to help SG1 and were successful in taking out two watch towers.

The Vessel is armed with plasma-based weapons, which are quite destructive. The ship is designed so whilst one of them flies the ship, the other can focus on firing. However, the ship is quite large, and getting it through the stargate is hard work, and can only be done with experience.

[edit] Key Episodes

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