Planet Information
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Goa'uld

[edit] History

Ne'tu is a prison planet ruled by Sokar, the Goa'uld who has taken the persona of the Devil. As such, Ne'tu is considered to be "Hell", and is described in mythology as such. The Surface of the planet is uninhabitable, covered with active volcanoes and poisoned atmosphere anyone sent to the surface, would be condemned. The only way into the prion is by cargo ship, and with no gate on the planet, there is no way off the planet. The prison itself is located at the bottom of the planet's surface, where Bynaar rules over the hellish prison, however as Bynaar rules Ne'tu in the name of Sokar, he can get to Sokar's ship when it arrives by using rings, located in his room. However, escaping using it, is nearly impossible. Jolinar was the only one to have escaped from the planet using the rings, and when Jacob was captured and sent to Ne'tu, SG-1 went to the rescue. When they got their they found there wasn't a way out, and found that soon after Apophis had taken over Ne'tu. The Tok'ra seizing the opportunity, decided to destroy the Planet and Sokar's ship which was in orbit at the time. The Plan worked and the planet was destroyed, and SG-1 were able to escape before it was destroyed.

[edit] Key Episodes

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