Played By: Matthew Walker
Race: Lantean
Planets: Earth

An ancient living in Atlantis during the first seige of Atlantis, Moros was part of the Council of Atlantis. Unable to see a way to win the war, Moros and the others elected to sink the city and leave the Pegasus galaxy and return to their home, Earth.

When Janus, a young eager ancient made plans to construct a Time ship allowing them to travel through time, Moros rejected his plans telling him that tempering with the timeline would be unethical. However, Janus went and constructed a timeship behind the backs of the council.

Over 10,000 years in the future, when the Atlantis Expedition came to the planet, Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Sheppard used the ship to escape the city when the shield gave in, and unknowingly travelled back in time. Crashing into the city, Elizabeth Weir was saved and brought before the council. Angered at Janus who had disobeyed the council, he ordered the ship and all relating information to be destroyed. He listened to Elizabeth Weir's pleas to help her retun to her time, however she was unable to change his decision, and he ordered her to return to Earth with them.

Moros returned through the gate to Earth with the final group, believing that the city was now empty, unknowing that Elizabeth Weir was infact in deep slumber in the city.

Back on Earth he lived a long life, eventually Ascending to a higher plain of existence. When the threat of the Ori became apparant, he tried to stop them, however knowing that he could not do so whilst ascended, he descended keeping the memories and knowledge that he had gained upon ascending.

Going under the new identity of Merlin, Moros began construction of a weapon that could be used to destroy the Ori. With the help of King Arthur and his loyal Knights of the Round Table, Moros hid the device knowing that it could be used to destroy the Ancients.

To hide the development of the weapon from the Ancients, Moros created a device which transferred him into an alternate dimension, where he could work without being found. However, the Ancients, knowing, what Moros was upto, sent Morgan La Fey to stop him. Moros, after learning how to create the weapon, rather than using it on the Ori, froze himself in stasis, only to be woken up by Daniel Jackson and the rest of SG-1. Knowing that he didn't have time to create the weapon for SG-1, Moros transferred his memories into an Ancient device which then transferred them to Daniel Jackson.

Within the mind of Daniel Jackson, he protected him from Adria's mind control, and built the weapon, which was then sent to the Ori Galaxy destroying the Ori once and for all.

[edit] Key Episodes

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