Played By: Dion Luther
Race: Aschen
Planets: Aschen Homeworld (P4C-970)

Mollem is a representative of the Aschen who was sent to negoiate a treaty with Earth. Origionally the Aschen had been successful and Mollem worked with Samantha Carter on new projects, however due to their evil intentions, she managed to change the future.

In the alternate future, they met the Aschen (and Mollem) a year later on Volian. On the planet, Mollem asked for gate addresses to which Earth agreed. However before the negotiations were completed, Daniel was able to find a text which left him to believe that the volians were killed off by the Aschen, and when his suspicions were confirmed, Mollem locked Sam and the Earth representative on their ship, whilst he delivered a DNA specific bomb to Earth.

[edit] Key Episodes

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