Played By: Laura Mennell
Race: Christians
Planets: P9X-3971

Afflicted with a fever, the villagers believing that she was possessed by demons, was also the perfect person to be sacrificed to the devil. When SG1 entered the Village they found her chained to the village centre, freeing her they soon found the reason to why she was chained.

At her home, they found that her brother, Simon, was about to drill a hole in her head, so that the demonic presence would be released, however SG1 managed to stop him and instead gave her medicine to cure her fever.

When the Unas found the sacrifice gone, he threatened the villagers who acted by re-chaining Mary along with SG1 to the centre for the devil. However on their way to the gate, SG1 managed to escape freeing Mary as well as killing the Unas that served the devil Sokar.

[edit] Key Episodes

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