Ladon Radim

Ladon Radim
Ladon radim.jpg
Played By: Ryan Robbins
Race: Genii
Planets: Genii Planet

A member of the Genii strike-team that attacked the Atlantis Base, Ladon was quick to learn the Atlantis Systems. Ladon attempted to guide Genii soldiers around the city to capture Sheppard, however Sheppard, who knew superior tactics managed to out-smart the team sent to capture him, and kill them. He was foiled numerous times by Sheppard who put up the shield stopping a larger task force from entering the base, killing many Genii. He was eventually forced to retreat back to the Genii Homeworld, as Sheppard with the help of his team, managed to retake Atlantis.

Back on the Genii homeworld, Ladon was lucky to be kept in Athor Cowen's personal circle. Learning of Koyla's plans to overthrow Athor Cowen, he told Athor Cowen forcing Koyla to flee. He used this time to set a plan of his own into action, and using the help of the Atlantis team and many Genii loyal to him he managed to carry out his plans, overthrowing Cowen himself, and becoming the new leader of the Genii.

As the leader of the Genii people, he patched the relations between the Genii and the Atlantis Expedition, however trouble ensued when Koyla captured Sheppard wanting Ladon to give himself up. Fortunately Ladon and Elizabeth Weir managed to locate Koyla's base and save Sheppard.

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