Race Information
Planet(s): Langara

The Kelownans are one of the three Races that live on the planet Langara. The Kelownans are at a stalemate with the Andarians and the Tiranians, however they have recently agreed on a peace treaty due to the Goa'ulds and the planet nearly blowing up. The Kelownans discovered the Stargate and a new mineral known as Naquadria which was a much more powerful version of Naquadah. Using the Naquadria, the Kelownans started work on a bomb, to use on their neighbours in hopes to win the stalemate. During experiments, an accident occurred, and Daniel Jackson risked his life to save the Kelownans, however, the Kelownans, instead of thanking Daniel, they blamed him for the incident, however, a member of the Kelownan government, Jonas Quinn went against them, and told the SGC the truth. The Kelownans didn't tell the other two races about the Naquadria or the Stargate until Anubis came to the planet in hopes of getting the Naquadria. The Kelownans also use a Naquadria bomb, which killed many people, as well as starting a reaction in the planets core which nearly destroyed the planet.

[edit] Key Episodes

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