Kate Heightmeyer

Kate Heightmeyer
Kate heightmeyer.jpg
Played By: Claire Rankin
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Atlantis

The resident psychologist on the Atlantis base, Kate Heightmeyer was part of the initial expedition that came to the Pegasus galaxy. Previously a couple's therapist, she had now been given a challenge counselling members of the expedition, in her office on one of the piers of Atlantis.

As part of her job, she counselled Rodney McKay on many occasions although the reasons are unknown. When Teyla began to have nightmares regarding the Wraith, Major Sheppard asked Dr. Heightmeyer to speak with her. However when she approached Teyla, Teyla felt offended but soon, as the nightmares continued, she realised that it was for the best. Heightmeyer eventually managed to help Teyla tap into her buried memories, helping her learn the truth, that she had Wraith DNA as well as a telepathic link to the Wraith.

After an encounter with the Wraith left Lieutenant Laura Cadman in the body of McKay along with his consciousness, Heightmeyer tried to help the two to 'relax' and taught Cadman how to take control of McKay's body. Unfortunately the arguments between the two didn't stop as Cadman started to take control of McKay's body far too many times for McKay's liking.

When Carson Beckett created a drug that could revert a Wraith to their human form, Heightmeyer was asked to counsel Michael Kenmore, the first Wraith to be experimented by the drug. Michael found it hard to trust anyone, however Heightmeyer assured him that he would regain his memories with time.

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