K'tau (P39-865)
Ktau p39865.jpg
Planet Information
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Planet Address
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): K'tau People

[edit] History

K'tau is an Asgard protected planet, protected by the Asgard Freyr. When SG-1 came to the planet, they passed close to the sun and overided some dialing protocols, which proved fatal for the planet. The sky started to shift to the red side of the spectrum, which would in turn kill the planet. However, the Asgard could not help as it would nullify the treaty between them and the Goa'ulds allowing them to attack any and all planets including Earth. Jack tried to disway the beliefs of the people, in the hope that they would go to another planet were they would be safe, however no-one listened. The team in an attempt to save the planet, used a method of introducing a super heavey element into the sun to try and get it to shift back, however this was unsuccessful. Thankfully, the Asgard took advantage and used their technology to move the spectrum back to where it was, saving the planet. The people of the planet are medieval and believed SG-1 to be Elves sent by Freyr as the messenger of doom.

[edit] Key Episodes

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