Race Information
Planet(s): Juna (P3X-729)

The Junans are a race who once worshiped the Goa'uld Heru'ur, however SG1 came to their planet and helped lead an uprising, which saw the end of Heru'urs slavery on the planet. The Junans did as they were told by the SGC and buried their Stargate, so no Goa'uld could come through it, however, Cronos came through to the planet via ships and the people of Juna were once again forced to serve the Goa'ulds. When the Android SG1 went to the planet they were captured by Cronos, and the SGC were informed of the situation. They once again came and freed the Junans from false slavery by the Goa'ulds, and since then, the Junans have lived in peace.

[edit] Key Episodes

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