Joseph Faxon

Joseph Faxon
Joseph faxon.jpg
Played By: Christopher Cousins
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

An ambassador for the US, Joseph Faxon was surprised to find he would represent Earth, to make an alliance with an alien race, the Aschen. Managing to succesffully create an alliance between the two races, he managed to win the heart of Samantha Carter in the process. The two got married as the Aschen helped the Tau'ri beat the Goa'uld once and for all, and the Stargate was disclosed to the world.

Ten years later, after trying for a baby, whilst Faxon went to work, Sam managed to find the truth about the Aschen and discovered that they had sterilised more than 90% of the Earths population. However, when she told Faxon, he told her that it should have been a third of that, and it was a means of population control.

When SG1 got back together and made a plan to stop the Aschen, Faxon got worried, and wanted Sam out. However, when the plan was to be executed, Sam went with SG1 knowing that she was needed. She sacrificed herself to stop the Aschen from wiping out the Tau'ri.

However, they stopped them temporarily, as the plan only delayed the meeting of the Tau'ri and Aschen by a year. Fortuneately, Faxon and Carter managed thwart the alliance and the Aschens. When they were trapped, Faxon sacrificed himself to allow Carter to escape and warn the SGC.

[edit] Key Episodes

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